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Not long after my son was born, we were advised he had LMT/RMT. This meant a lot of OT and paediatric visits. As he got older it became obvious that his muscle tone and endurance was low - we were told this would never improve but that consistent OT sessions was all we could do. This was fine while my son was young but as he hit early teen years - everything changed.


In short I found a personal trainer @fitnessedge that was happy to train my son and help improve his strength, coordination and balance.  On further research and advice, I was told that he should have a high protein snack right after training - to ensure maximum muscle growth.  We therefore set off on finding healthy options to fill this need which was not always easy amongst the offerings on shelf.

Our journey continued during 2015 as our family of four and lovers of good food believed that others would share the love for the wholefoods and healthy snack options with a good source of protein that we had enjoyed creating in our home kitchen.


We hand crafted a delicious, soft filled protein ball that contained over 18% plant protein and that also tasted great!  
The evolvement of this exciting product later led us to the launch of Pro Balls which was our very first product to be released under Livwell Emporium range.

Other products also included keeping popcorn “air popped” like we make with our small household popping appliances instead of the commercially fried options that many commercial brands offered.

After much deliberation and excitement in the process, we finally registered the company in February 2016.

Livwell is a 100% family owned & operated Australian Health Food Company.

We are today proud to produce the highest quality products from our production facility located in Seaford which is one of several gateways to the beautiful Mornington Peninsula of Victoria and its many beaches.

The company has invested in some of the latest equipment with wide capabilities to produce a range of plant based products.

To avoid frying of the snack products, the Livwell production delivers options that are either raw, Baked, Roasted or Popped.

The Livwell Emporium product range is made from all natural ingredients and, while retaining the health benefits in mind, the taste is never compromised.

Premium ingredients are sourced from selected suppliers to deliver the freshest and healthiest products.
Wholegrains and nutritionally superior ingredients are also used in our recipe development wherever possible.

Livwell Emporium’s vision is to produce a range of Healthy Food Alternatives to encourage healthier lifestyles.

We seek to make it easier to find clean label wholefood and snack options.

Livwell Emporium's mission is to educate consumers, simplify the need to read labels and promote healthier lifestyles from sharing better food options.

At Livwell, we believe in kindness, simplicity and living well.
Livwell product range contains no animal derivatives.

Enjoy our great tasting products and
Eat well to Livwell 🍃

Eat well, to livwell

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