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After hearing about Theodora's Cheerful Givers and the good work in the COMMUNITY, Livwell Emporium contacted Theodora's and offered a donation of over $9,000 retail value of plant-based snacks.

Theodora’s Cheerful Givers is an independent not-for-profit charity that focuses on providing free emergency food relief for families and individuals in the community who are enduring financial hardship.

The entire Theodora’s Cheerful Givers operation runs on the efforts of a team of dedicated volunteers. Theodora's is doing what it can to assist families during challenging situations and 2020 has certainly seen an increase in people reaching out for assistance.

Theodora’s Cheerful Giver’s Chairperson – Gina Poulos - was recognized by Frankston City Council as the 2020 Senior Citizen for outstanding contribution to the local community.

Livwell Emporium is a family owned company and is proud to be able to contribute and to assist provide comfort food that will also provide a wholesome alternative.

Livwell is grateful to receive the letter below from this wonderful charitable organisation.

Livwell will continue to do what it can within our community. We hope with your support, that we can come together and achieve so much more. Enjoy our great tasting products and Eat well to Livwell 🍃

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